The most Successful Exhibitor who received the VAPS Bronze Medallion and the winner of the Crumpler Bag was Pam Rixon

Champion and Reserve Champion print
Damara Hornbill By Pam Wheeler (Champion Print)
Leap of Faith by Mark Vivian (Reserve Champion Print )
Morgane by Chris Crossley 1st in Section
Isolated by Robert Williamson 2nd in Section
Black Widow by Brett Ferguson Merit
Cutting Ties by Chris Crossley Merit
Papercuts by Chris Crossley Merit
Golum by Greg Desiatov Merit
Landscape Seascape
Winters Silence by Francis Pisani 1st in Section
Piper Falls by Barry Feldman 2nd in Section
Shotover River by Janet Rogerson Merit
Val di Fassa by Robert Morgan Merit
Belvedere Valley by Vicki Moritz Merit
Nature Prints
Hydrotheraphy in Snow by Marg Huxtable 1st in Section
Female Blue Wren by Max Lane 2nd in Section
European Roller by Jill Wharton Merit
Aracari by Ken Gosbell Merit
Sawfly Feeding by Marg Huxtable Merit
Best Foot Forward by Pam Rixon Merit
Open Colour
Damara Hornbill by Pamela Wheeler 1st in Section
On Her Way Out by Marg Huxtable 2nd in Section
Dreams of Angels by Chris Crossley Merit
Deadfall by Greg Desiatov Merit
Sail Away Little Boat by Janet Rogerson Merit
At the End of The Day by Robert Williamson Merit
Open Monochrome
Leap of Faith by Mark Vivian First in Section
Cow in Buttercups by Pam Rixon 2nd in Section
Bonnie Bell by Janet Rogerson Merit
Arthur River by Francis Pisani Merit
White Roses by Janet Rogerson Merit
Peace Doves by Robert Williamson Merit
People Portait
Sibling Love by Pamela Wheeler 1st in Section
Cocoa by Brett Ferguson 2nd in Section
Old Soldier by Denise Tyrie Merit
The Freaks Are Out by Greg Desiatov Merit
Peaceful by Janet Rogerson Merit
He Didn't Think That Was Funny by Robert Williamson Merit
Photojournalism Social Documentary Prints
There She Blows by Mark Vivian 1st in Section
They Start 'em Young by Marg Huxtable 2nd in Section
Easy As by Gary Freestone Merit
Let Me In by Pam Rixon Merit
Nuns at Snacktime by Peter Dwyer Merit
Teamwork by Russell Monson Merit

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