Champion and Reserve Champion Prints
Aboriginal Woman (Bianca Lai Yin Ho) Champion Print
The Princess Bride (Greg Desiatov) Reserve Champion Print
Creative - Experimental
The Princess Bride (Greg Desiatov) 1st Place
Where the Light Comes From (Robert Morgan ) 2nd Place
Sparkler (Jonathan Bagge) Merit
Thats My Girl (Kath Gilles ) Merit
Clown (James Lu) Merit
Landscape - Seascape
Ominous Sky (Gayle Harrison) 1st Place
Mesa Arch (Peter Calder) 2nd Place
Rock (Mandy Notley) Merit
Cathedral Rocks (Mandy Notley ) Merit
Whisper (Mandy Notley ) Merit
Tidal Reveal (Janet Rogerson) Merit
Nature Prints
Lizard (Max Lane) 1st Place
Well Fed Lion (Max Lane) 2nd Place
The Hungry Caterpillar (Rose Burns) Merit
Sunset Drink (Ian Cross) Merit
Royal Albatross (Ian Cross) Merit
Late Night Drink (Max Lane) Merit
Open Colour
The Artist (Greg Desiatov) 1st Place
Elevation (Greg Desiatov) 2nd Place
Soft and Dandy (Dianne English) Merit
Ahh (James Lu) Merit
Three Ageing Pears (Janet Rogerson ) Merit
Was Once Classical (Janet Rogerson ) Merit
Antelope Canyon (Jim Weatherill) Merit
Open Monochrome
Shes Leaving Home (Janet Rogerson) 1st Place
Shadows Descending (Roger Lancaster) 2nd Place
Agave (Jane Clancy) Merit
The Waiting Game (Ian Cust) Merit
Shaking (James Lu) Merit
Walt Disney Building (Jim Weatherill) Merit
People Portraits
Aboriginal Woman (Bianca Lai Yin Ho ) 1st Place
Zoe (Kate Mudie) 2nd Place
Roy (Rodney Carruthers ) Merit
Glitter and Flashes (Greg Desiatov) Merit
Kareena (Dianne English) Merit
Sara (Rebecca Nicolandos ) Merit
Miners Eyes (Steve Sheddick ) Merit
Photojouralism- Social Documentary
Wild Horse Event Bell (Maxwell Walters) 1st Place
Lest We Forget (Gayle Harrison ) 2nd Place
Roadrace (Jonathan Bagge ) Merit
Rodeo (Bob Hayter) Merit
The Conversation (Les Unsworth) Merit
At The Fight (Jim Weatherill ) Merit
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