Creative EDPI
Photographer wears red (Judy Johnson) 1st Place
Creative Large Prints
Ballarat Statuary (Kath Both) 1st Place
Landscape Seascape EDPI
Mount Field (Judy Johnson) 1st Place
Cradlle Mountain Morning (Carol Hall)  2nd Place
Landscape seascape Large Prints
Breaking (Brian Hillman ) 1st Place
Painted Desert Afternoon (Betty Bibby) 2nd Place
Fruit Bat Falls (Trevor Bibby) 3rd Place
Nature EDPI
Neorthemis Stigmatizens (Jill Wharton) 1st Place
Olive Backed Oriole (Betty Bibby) 2nd Place
Single Bloom (Judy Johnson) 3rd Place
Scaly Breasted Lorikeet (Jill Wharton) Highly Commended
Nature Large Prints
Bad Hair Day (Trevor Bibby) 1st Place
Ant and Eurymelids (Trevor Bibby) 2nd Place
William (Kate Both)  3rd Place
Wet Wren (Betty Bibby) Highly Commended
Shantis Spats (Jill Wharton) 1st Place Winner of the Roger Purcell Trophy
Laura (Betty Bibby) 2nd Place
Evening Colours (Judy Johnson) 3rd Place
What are you looking at (Kate Both) Highly Commended
Open Large Prints
In Days Gone By (Kate Both) 1st Place
Daves Boots(Betty Bibby) 2nd Place
Gevillia Flower (Kate Both) 3rd Place
All My Love (Betty Bibby) Highly Commended
People Portraits EDPI
Red Lily (Judy Johnson) 1st Place
Windows to the Soul (Jill Wharton) 2nd Place
People Portraits Large Prints
Flower Power (Betty Bibby) 1st Place Winner of the Herb Richmond Trophy
Broken Wings (Lorraine Harvey ) 2nd Place
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