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A snapshot of Ballarat Camera Club History

History of Ballarat Camera Club Inc. 


Early in 1938 a group of camera enthusiasts met at 70 Bridge Street; later in the same year they formed the “Ballarat Camera Club”.  Foundation members were Mrs Bon Strange, T Adams, (Secretary), J Mole (President), G Netherway, C Molloy, G Cornell, C Jackman, S Rogers and H Richmond. 

The Club went into recession in 1947, owing to a shortage of materials due to the war, but recommenced again shortly thereafter.  In 1949 there were 22 members and subscriptions were five shillings (50 cents).

There have been many sponsors over the years, commencing with the ‘Ballarat Courier’ donating two trophies in 1951 for the Clubs’ Annual Awards.  In 1952 colour slides were introduced into club competitions. 

The Begonia Festival Photographic Exhibition was held by the Club in 1953 at the Alfred Hall, the exhibition was a huge success with 34,000 people attending. 

From 1958 to 1960 the club ran a movie group.

Since the Club’s inception many members have won various photographic awards, both nationally and internationally, also many awards have been given to members for their services to photography.

The ‘Ballarat National Photographic Exhibition’ has been run by the Ballarat Camera Club since 1968, it has had various venues for viewing, and is currently in recess.

Interclub competitions with various clubs throughout the region have been enjoyed over the years, with some competitions involving social weekends of outings and dinners as well as the all important competition.

1998 saw the celebrations of the Ballarat Camera Club’s 60th Anniversary. 

Ballarat Camera Club Inc - Established 1938
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