Photographers Paradise - Open Print Colour/Monochrome - Kate Both
Lilac Breasted Roller - Open Print Nature - Jill Wharton
Sandy Hill - Open Print Landscape/Seascape - Judy Johnson
Photoshoot - Open Print People Portrait - Betty Bibby
Roadside - Open Edpi Colour/Monochrome - Lorraine Lees
Wanderer Butterfly - Open EDPI Nature - Carol Hall
Golden Statue - Open EDPI  Landscape/Seascape - Judy Johnson
Morgane - EDPI People/Portrait - Chris Crossley
Morgane 2 - Open EDPI - Creative - Chris Crossley

Welcome to the Ballarat Camera Club website!

The Ballarat Camera Club Inc. aims to provide opportunities for members to learn about and improve their photography, regardless of their level of competence. 

Since its establishment in 1938, members of the Ballarat Camera Club Inc. have encouraged and inspired each other in their photographic pursuits and personal growth.

Depending on the needs of members, committee and key club members organise a variety of activities which facilitate the learning of the many aspects of photography.

Through participating in monthly digital club meetings, judging nights, workshops and outings, members can learn new skills and understandings, such as; how to operate their camera, understand light, process images on the computer.  Members have the opportunity to seek feedback on their work and view the work of fellow photographers during these activities. 

The Ballarat Camera Club is affiliated with the Victorian Association of Photographic Societies Inc. (VAPS), which allows members to be involved in the wider photographic community in Victoria, including conferences and interclub competitions.

The “Ballarat National Photographic Exhibition” has been proudly run by the Ballarat Camera Club Inc. since 1968. This exhibition is held in high regards within photographic circles across Australia and is hung in the prestigious ‘Art Gallery of Ballarat’. 

We invite you to browse our website and the galleries within. We hope it inspires you and look forward to welcoming you at one of our activities in the near future! 

Please contact one of our friendly committee members should you wish to join us on one of our activities.



The 47th 2016 Ballarat National Entry Form is available for downloading under the Competition Heading


The latest Newsletter is located under the Information Newsletters 2016 tab.

May Flare 2016

April Competition Images have been uploaded. Check them out under the Gallery Heading.

April Competition Images



May 2nd Monday Informal Imaging Night. 7.30pm

Jamie’s Walhouse house at 402 Greenhalghs Rd

Delacombe Vic 3356

PH: 0438 362 390

If you require directions please call Jamie after hours.


Items up for discussion: Editing the photos from the weekends portrait shoot.

So please bring along a couple of images to be edited and Jamie will show you some simple editing techniques.

Or bring along some of your images with exposure errors. 

I’ve got some to share!

Off camera flash. What sort is right for you?


May Workshop and Outing 6th and 7th May

Make your own accomodation arrangements at Lake Fyans Caravan Park

Weather permitting an evening shoot Saturday night. How to shoot star trails.

You will need your tripod, widest lens, cable release, fully charged battery, torch, warm clothes.

Remember your instruction manual.

Day time activities can include a visit to Heatherlie Quarry, Halls Gap Zoo.

There are plenty of photographic opportunites at both places.


May 11th Club Meeting 7.30 pm Club Rooms : 616 Barkly St, Golden Point.

Print and EDPI Subjects: Open and Set Subject: Reflections (this is also the YMCA interclub set topic- small prints or the YMCA competition)

Set Subject Definition: A picture in which the reflections of a subject provide the centre of interest. They may be produced by water,windows,metal, etc. Mirror reflections to be excluded.

Guest Judge:  Ian Pym


Next Committee Meeting:

Wednesday 25th May 2016  Jill Wharton house 7.30pm

June 6th Monday Informal Imaging Night. 7.30pm

Venue and Topic to be decided

June 8th Club Meeting 7.30 pm Club Rooms : 616 Barkly St, Golden Point.

Print and EDPI Subjects: Open and Set Subject: "Flora or Fauna" 

Set Subject Definition: A photograph of any flower,plant,tree,fungus,animal,bird,fish,reptile,insect,spider or crustacean.

Guest Judge:  

Highlighted Photos

These are a selection of images taken by members throughout the year.

Highlighted Images
Red TInt by Brian Hillman
Anyone for a Dance by Betty Bibby
Burrumbeet Sunset by Carol Hall
Dane by Chris Crossley
Ringo by Hugh Lees
Vervet Monkeys by Jill Wharton
Remarkable Night by Judy Johnson
Kissing Bears by Kate Both
Push and Shove by Lorraine Lees
Onion Flower by Lyn Fowler
Bergen Lookout by Judy McEachern
At the Bus Stop by Murray Mc Eachern
Stanley and the Nut from Highfield by Trevor Bibby
Thornbill by Henk Rem
Natures Tranquility by Remy Hassanin
Buskers by Henrietta Camilleri

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