Annuals Black and White
Camels at Broome (Trevor Bibby) 1st Place and the Winner of the Herb Richmond Memorial Trophy
Mountain Weather (Judy Johnson) 2nd Place
Back in Black (Peter Bolton) 3rd Place
Talbot (Lorraine Lees) 1st Place
East Works Shed (Keith Aggett) 2nd Place
Charlotte (Lorraine Lees) 3rd place
Large Nature
Caught in Passing (Kerrie Purcell) 1st Place
Yellow Robin (Trevor Bibby) 2nd Place
Flying Duck Orchids (Kerrie Purcell) 3rd Place
Wallflower Orchid (Kerrie Purcell) Highly Commended
Tawny Frogmouth Owl Chick (Jill Wharton) Highly Conmmended
Large Print Landscape Seascape
Desolation (Kerrie Purcell) 1st Place and the Winner of the Bon Strange Memorial Trophy
Emerald Creek (Trevor Bibby) 2nd Place
Towards the South (Jenny Leith) 3rd Place
Large Prints Open
Final Resting Place (Lorraine Harvey) 1st Place
Mt Arapiles (Lorraine Lees) 2nd Place
Moored at Sunset (Jenny Leith) 3rd Place
Vintage Wheel (Lorraine Harvey) Highly Commended
Eagle Spirit ( Kerrie Purcell) Highly Commended
People Portrait
Georgia (Lorraine Harvey) 1st Place
Always the Bridesmaid (Peter Bolton) 2nd Place
Streaker Joins the Parade (Lorraine Lees) 3rd Place
Ready to Strike (Judy Johnson) Winner of the Roger Purcell Memorial Trophy
Orchid FLowers (Judy Johnson) 2nd Place
Small Prints Landscape Seascape
Apollo Bay (Deborah Buckland) 1st Place
Mountain Mist (Lorraine Lees) 2nd Place
Small Prints Nature
Watch your Step (Lorraine Lees) 1st Place
Spider Orchids (Kerrie Purcell) 2nd Place
Small Prints Open
Roll Your Own (Hugh Lees) 1st Place
Shadowed Hills (Jill Wharton) 2nd Place
Working on the Harvester (Deborah Buckland) 3rd Place
Got my Eye on You (Ann Pipkorn) Highly Commended
Suberb Fairy Wren (Jill Wharton) 1st Place
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