Ballarat Annual Gallery 2014
Creative Prints
Red Eye Special (Brian Hillman) 3rd Place
Terracotta Pot (Judy Johnson) 2nd Place
Time for Tea (Brian Hillman) 1st Place
People Portrait Prints 2014
Kisar Market Woman (Jill Wharton) Highly Commended
Bedouin Man (Judy Johnson) 3rd place
Kaidt in Costume (Stephen Moten) 2nd Place
Trevor and Kate (Kate Both) 1st Place
Landscape Seascape Prints 2014
Bells Gorge (Trevor Bibby) Highly Commended
Murphy's Haystacks (Trevor Bibby) 3rd Place
Haast Beach (Jill Wharton) 2nd Place
Blue Dawn (Judy Johnson) 1st Place
Nature Prints Annual Competiton 2014
Damsel on Thorns (Keith Aggett) Highly Commended
Borneo Youngster (Jill Wharton) 3rd Place
Male Wanderer (Keith Aggett) 2nd Place
Red Wattlebird in Flight (Brian Hillman) 1st Place
Open Prints Annual Competition 2014
The Arches (Judy Johnson) Highly Commended
The Courtyard (Ken Smith) 3rd Place
Trent Reflection (Kate Both ) 2nd Place
Imperial Cruise (Judy Johnson) 1st Place
Herb Richmond Trophy 2014
Blue Dawn (Judy Johnson) 1st Place
EDPI Selection Ballarat Camera Club Annual Competiton
Creative EDPI Annual Competition 2014
Abstract Forest (Lyn Fowler ) 2nd Place
Bird Dance (Brian Hillman) 1st Place
People Portrait EDPI Annual Competition 2014
Rosemary (Jamie Walhouse) Highly Commended
Dreamer (Judy Johnson) 2nd Place
Eyes on the Ball (Elizabeth Cocks) 2nd Place
Seen it All (Jill Wharton) 1st Place
Landscape Seascape Prints EDPI Annual Competition 2014
Island Arch (Carol Hall) Highly Commended
Bungle Bungle Vista (Betty Bibby) 3rd Place
Tranquil River (Trevor Bibby) 2nd Place
Breydon Water Sunset (Kate Both) 1st place
Nature EDPI 2014 Annual Competition
Bee Harvesting (Keith Aggett) Highly Commended
Robber Fly Reposing (Keith Aggett) 3rd Place
Backlit Pussywillow (Kate Both) 2nd Place
Damselfly with Dew (Carol Hall) 1st Place
Open EDPI Annual Competition 2014
Bella (Jamie Walhouse) Highly Commended
Elmhurst Butcher (Trevor Bibby) 3rd Place
ACDC (Jamie Walhouse) 2nd Place
A Bug's Life (Lyn Fowler) 1st Place
Roger Purcell Trophy Winner 2014
Damselfly with Dew (Carol Hall) 1st Place
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