The Night Window by Steve Demeye 1st Place Open EDPI  Colour and The Roger Purcell EDPI of the Year 2021
Worm Bay by Betty Bibby 1st Place Open EDPI  Landscape Seascape and The Judy Johnson Memorial Award Best Australian Content of the Year 2021
Hanging on by Betty Bibby 1st Place Open Print Monochrome and The Herb Richmond Print of the Year 2021
Fishing at Dawn by Anne Carroll 1st Place Open Print Colour 2021
Sticky Beak by Anne Wilson 1st Place Open Print Nature 2021
In Love in Venice by Anne Carroll 1st Place Open Print People/ Portrait 2021
Ready to Launch by Daniel O Donoghue 1st Place Open EDPI Monochrome 2021
Drosera Insect Catcher by Mark Bevelander 1st Place Open EDPI Nature 2021
Paynesville Pier by Steve Demeye 1st Place Open Print Landscape Seascape 2021
The Indian Gentleman by Vera Paulin 1st Place Open EDPI People/ Portrait 2021
Too Much Time by Judy McEachern 1st Place Open EDPI Creative 2021
Coastal Sea Birds by Steve Demeye  1st Place Open EDPI Creative 2021

Welcome to the Ballarat Camera Club website!

The Ballarat Camera Club Inc. aims to provide opportunities for members to learn about and improve their photography, regardless of their level of competence. 

Since its establishment in 1938, members of the Ballarat Camera Club Inc. have encouraged and inspired each other in their photographic pursuits and personal growth.

Depending on the needs of members, committee and key club members organise a variety of activities which facilitate the learning of the many aspects of photography.

Through participating in monthly digital club meetings, judging nights, workshops and outings, members can learn new skills and understandings, such as; how to operate their camera, understand light, process images on the computer.  Members have the opportunity to seek feedback on their work and view the work of fellow photographers during these activities. 

The Ballarat Camera Club is affiliated with the Victorian Association of Photographic Societies Inc. (VAPS), which allows members to be involved in the wider photographic community in Victoria, including conferences and interclub competitions.

The “Ballarat National Photographic Exhibition” has been proudly run by the Ballarat Camera Club Inc. since 1968. This exhibition is held in high regards within photographic circles across Australia and is hung in the prestigious ‘Art Gallery of Ballarat’. Unfortunately, this is currently in recess.

We invite you to browse our website and the galleries within. We hope it inspires you and look forward to welcoming you at one of our activities in the near future! 

Please contact one of our friendly committee members should you wish to join us on one of our activities.




 The latest Newsletter is located under the Information Newsletters 2022 tab. 

Flare September 2022


No informal imaging Evening will be held until at least September due to Covid.




September Competition Night: Wednesday 14th September 7.30 pm



Open An image that has strong pictorial appeal, ie Good composition and lighting. 

Set Subject : 

Silhouettes: An image in which the featured subject(s) consists of a single colour and is devoid of nearly all detail. The background may be multicoloured. ( Technical )

Joint Outing with Ballarat Photography Group 

Sunday September 18th at 9am sharp.

Meeting at Buninyong Tennis Courts for carpooling.

BYO Lunch.

Please let the President know if you are attending.



October Competition Night: Wednesday 12th October 7.30pm



Open An image that has strong pictorial appeal. Ie Strong composition and lighting.

Set Subject: 

"Statues/ Monuments": Statues - carved or cast figures of people or animals, especially ones that are life-size or larger- and monuments - statues, buildings, or other structures erected to commemorate a notable person or event. ( Artistic/ Creative)

November Competition Night Wednesday 9th November 7.30 pm

NOTE: the new Creative definition takes effect.



Open:  An image that has strong pictorial appeal. Strong composition and lighting.

Creative: Creative or experimental photographs display a novel effect because of an unusual combination of objects and/ or unusual viewpoint. Photographs in which the images have been modified during or after exposure by using an experimental technique are also eligible in the Creative/ Experimental sections.

The photograph must always have a basic photographic image. Digital manipulation processes may be employed provided the original photograph was exposed by the entrant.

Set: "Through the Window" a window is defined as an opening for the purpose of admitting light or air. "Through the Window" is therefore defined as a picture taken through an opening designed to admit air and light in a building or form of transport. It may be taken through glass, but in all cases, some evidence of the opening surround or a reflection must be shown included in the picture. Views through shop windows are excluded. (Artistic/ Creative). 


A sample of members images from 2021


Highlighted Images
A Tunnel in the Moonlight by Mark Bevelander
Algebuckina Bridge from Below by Betty Bibby
Foggy Nimons Bridge by Anne Wilson
Mittens by Murray McEachern
All Together Now by Steve Demeye
Yellow Water Sunrise by Trevor Bibby
Harbour Reflections by Judy McEachern
The Orbs of Wendouree by Gary Freestone
Leek Flowers by Daniel O Donoghue
After the Dark on the Yarra by Vera Paulin
Strawberry Splash by Rebecca Nicolandos
Palm Beach Sydney by Ken Marsh
Reflections by Sonia Bickley
Derelict by Judy Johnson
Fearful fun by Frank Carroll
Ready Set Go by Anne Carroll
Almost Blooming by Janette Richards
Silo by Geoff James
Wide Brown Land by Carol Hall

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