Ballarat Camera Club and Ballarat Photography Group Competition 2017

The scores for this competition will be explained in detail in the October Flare

Small Prints Open BCC Total 48  BPG Total 56

Small Prints Set BCC Total 54 BPG Total 48

Large Prints Open BCC Total 111 BPG Total106

EDPI Open BCC Total 105 BPG Total 99

Grand Total Ballarat Camera Club  318

Grand Total Ballarat Photography Group 309

Moonlight on the Lake (Anne Carroll)
Having Fun at Night (Geoff James)
Connection ( Chris Crossley)
Melissa (Chris Crossley) 1st Place
Ersfjord,Norway (Carol Hall) 3rd Place
Featherweight (Lorraine Lees)
Juvenile Red Capped Robin (Trevor Bibby)
Big Bale (Hugh Lees)
Foggydawn ( Anne Wilson )
Mungo (Anne Wilson) 2nd Place
Large Prints open
Pollychromatic (Brian Hillman) 1st Place and Best Overall
Lonely Barn (Carol Hall)
Rocky Sunset (Trevor Bibby)
Magnolia Petal by Judy McEachern
Mamma (Kate Both)
Old International (Betty Bibby) 2nd Place
Grotfjord (Carol Hall)
A Landscapers Wedding Rings by Rebecca Nicolanods 3rd Place
Two Women (Greg Tate)
Waiting for Rain (Rebecca Nicolandos)
Small Prints Open
Ballarat Express (Geoff James)
All Aboard (Frank Carroll) 3rd Place
Old Actor (Greg Tate) 2nd Place
River Reflections (Anne Carroll)
Tiffany Smiles (Rebecca Nicolandos) 1st Place
Small Prints Set Subject
Melbourne at Night (Geoff James)
Tasman Bridge (Greg Tate) 2nd Place
Iceland Aurora (Carol Hall) 3rd Place
Moyne River (Betty Bibby)
Gove Cycles (Trevor Bibby) 1st Place

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