Champion and Reserve Champion Prints
Bay of Fire ( Francis Pisani) Champion Print
Post Apocalypse (Mark Vivian) Reserve Champion Print
Creative Experimental
A Path to Somewhere ( Adrian Donoghue) First in Section
The Patriot (Adrian Donoghue) Second in Section
I Had a Dream (Adrian Donoghue) Merit
Girl among the Poppies (Roger Lancaster) Merit
Behind the Mask (Robert Williamson) Merit
Elegant Peacock (Robert Williamson) Merit
Landscape Seascape
Bay of Fire (Francis Pisani) First in Section and Champion Print
Sleeping Fire (Ray Farrugia) Second in Section
Sculptures in the Mist (Jane Clancy) Merit
Eldborg Crater West Iceland (Peter Kewley) Merit
Batur Valley ( Robert Morgan) Merit
Wandering (Mark Vivian ) Merit
Nature Prints
Protected by the Herd ( Max Lane ) First in Nature
Leafbettle with Rosette of Eggs (Barry Daniell) Second in Section
Tree Creeper (Mandy Notley ) Merit
Darter at Rest ( Kim Wormald) Merit
Maternal Instincts (Marg Huxtable) Merit
Masked Weaver Bird (Max Lane ) Merit
Fancy Footwork ( Max Lane ) Merit
Open Colour
Forever Falling (Francis Pisani) First Open Colour
Wedding Dreams (Greg Desiatov) Second in Section
East Indian Lotus (Leslie Armstrong) Merit
The Cherry (Hans Kawitzki) Merit
Baby Monkey (David Norris) Merit
Secret Past (Francis Pisani) Merit
Running Scared (Mandy Notley ) Merit
Open Monochrome
Lotus (Leslie Armstrong) First Open Monochrome
One Night in June (Francis Pisani) Second Open Monochrome
Pure Elegance (Mieke Boynton) Merit
Exit Stage Left (Mieke Boynton) Merit
Tango Dancers (Max Lane) Merit
Milford Sound 1 (Jane Clancy) Merit
People Portait
Climbing High (Adrian Donoghue) First in Section
Black Gold (Greg Desiatov) Second In Section
Take a Rest ( Bounmay Chan ) Merit
Lovely Lunch (Bounmay Chan) Merit
Pablo Joker ( Vicki Moritz) Merit
Click (Ray Farrugia) Merit
Photojournalism Social Documentary
Post Apocalypse (Mark Vivian) First in Section and Reserve Champion Print
Air to Ground Battle (Bev Pascoe) Second in Section
Boston Bombing Series You are my Home (Guido Brandt) Merit
Do Not Argue (Wolfgang Marx) Merit
Honoured (Raymond Chatterton) Merit
Grrr Mono (Vicki Moritz) Merit
Heavy (Marg Huxtable ) Merit
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