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August Flare 2023 


September meeting 7.30 pm Wednesday 13th

Club Rooms 616 Barkly St. Golden Point

Judge : Betty Bibby



Set : "Symmetry"  

A balance of objects,shapes,reflections or colours. Man made or occuring naturally (Artistis/ Creative)

September Outing Lambley Nursery Sunday 24th 10 am

Address: 395 Lesters Rd, Ascot VIC 3364

Picnic lunch and coffee at Creswick after the gardens.

There are no picnic facilites at the nursery.


October Meeting 7.30 pm Club Rooms October 11th





Set Subject:


A picture of a person (s) which may range from a head to a full length study and which may include accessories and back grounds in character with the subject. (Artistic/ Creative)


October Outing Yet to be decided



November Meeting 7.30 pm Club Rooms 8th November




Set Subject:

Creative: Please check the definiton in the Syllabus sent to you earlier in the year.


An image depicting any form of industry, eg shots of machines or buildings or the products of industry, such as smoke or steam. The object is to portray the functional side rather than the human. (Artistic/Creative)

Special Presentation by Meike Boynton See Flare for the details.

November 25th 7.30 pm Club Rooms

Annual Competition Presentation 

More details to come



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