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Flare April 2024

April Competition 10th 7.30 pm Start

NOTE: NEW VENUE Ballarat Community Centre in Eastwood Centre


Subject: Open 

Set: " Night Photography"

A photograph taken after dark and before dawn. You may use artifical light, eg, street or car lights. You may also use long or multiple exposures for celestial photography. No camera flash permitted. ( Technical)

April Camp 19th, 20th and 21st Murtoa Caravan Park

A visit to the stick shed and other local attractions.

May 8th 7.30 pm start

Judge : Steve Demeye

Subject : Open

Set: "Side Lighting"

An image in which the main subject is primarily by side lighting. It may be natural or artificial (Technical)

May Outing: Sunday 19th May at 10 am

Meet at the Chinese red gates in Norman St.

June Competition Meeting 7.30 pm 12th

Judge: Sally Rule VAPS Accredited judge

Subject: Open

Set: " Moods of the weather"

A picture showing aspects of the weather. Eg Storms (actual or impending), rain, hail, fog, or wind. Normal sunny conditions are not acceptable. (Artistic or Creative)

July Competiton Meeting 7.30 pm 10th

Judge: Marilyn Prime VAPs Accredited judge.

Subject: Open

Set: "Cemetery" 

An image showing graves, tombs, funerals, or other related objects. (Artistic/ Creative)

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