Ballarat and Geelong Interclub 2016

The scores for this years interclub competition will be explained in detail in the April Flare.

EDPI:              Geelong Total Score 237

                       Ballarat   Total Score 221

Large Prints: Geelong Total Score 240

                       Ballarat  Total Score 209


EDPI Open Competition
After Sunset Judy Johnson Score 13
Golden Statue (Judy Johnson) Score 11
Tree in Snow (Judy Mc Eachern) Score 11
Bird of Paradise (Judy Mc Eachern) Score 12
On Track (Steve Demeye) Score 11
Pain (Chris Crossley) Score 14 Highly Commended
The Eagle has Landed (Sandy Adaway) Score 12
The Alchemist (Remy Hassanin) Score 9
Bobbin Along Brian Hillman (Score 9)
Bergen Bridge Judy Mc Eachern (Score 10)
Can you keep a secret Jill Wharton (Score 10)
Deserted House Trevor Bibby (Score 10)
Ice Block Kate Both (Score 9)
In Dads Arms Rebecca Nicolandos (Score 12)
Murchisons Gaps Trevor Bibby (Score 12)
The Birdsville Hotel Betty Bibby (Score 9)
Tekapo 1 Carol Hall (Score 10)
The Mating Game Jill Wharton (Score 12)
Morgane Chris Crossley (Score 13)
Banksia Lorraine Lees (Score 12)
Print Open Competition
Royal Penguin Carol Hall (Score 10)
Piering In Steve Demeye (Score 11)
Redgum at Cooper Creek Betty Bibby (Score 13)
Snaefellsness Kate Both (Score 10)
Sandy Hill Judy Johnson (Score 11)
Catherine Rebecca Nicolandos (Score 10)
After the Rain Jill Wharton (Score 11)
Tandem Flight Brian Hillman (Score 9)
Eagle on Prey Trevor Bibby (Score 11)
Young Florence Steve Demeye (Score 10)
Pencil Pleats Brian Hillman (Score 9)
The Drought 1 Betty Bibby (Score 11)
Lilac Breasted Roller Jill Wharton (Score 13)
Campbell Island Shags Carol Hall (Score 9)
Cameleer Judy Johnson (Score 10)
Melody Kate Both (Score 11)
Donkey Orchid Trevor Bibby (Score 10)
Its a Race Rebecca Nicolandos (Score 11)
Inside Passage Lorraine Harvey (Score 10)
Jasper Lorraine Harvey (Score 9)

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