I:Lal Lal Falls Reserve


Lal Lal Falls in full flow Sept 2016 Images by Carol Hall
Lal Lal Falls in full flow Sept 2016 Images by Carol Hall
Lal Lal Falls in full flow Sept 2016 Images by Carol Hall
Lal Lal Falls Dry in 2008

The scenic views make this Reserve attractive to visitors seeking a relaxing day out. Environmentally, the reserve contains significant vegetation including 13 plant species of regional significance and one species rare in Victoria and in Australia. This vegetation provides habitat for a variety of small mammals, reptiles and birds.

Culturally, the Falls are believed to be the earthly home of Bunjil, the All Father or Creator to most Victorian Aboriginal tribes. The name Lal Lal is thought to be Aboriginal for "dashing of waters". The Lal Lal Falls is listed on the Site Registry of Aboriginal Affairs Victoria as a spiritual place.

Opposite the Lal Lal Bed and Breakfast, the paddock you can see was once an ancient lake from which the Lal Lal Falls was formed, the lake drained and eroded the gorge of the Falls. The Lal Lal Falls is located on the Lal Lal Creek which joins the East Moorabool River further downstream.


This is approx. a 5 km. drive/ walk/ bike ride to this attraction and is located on IRONMINE RD which is the first right hand turn East of the Bed and Breakfast - just follow road signs. The Lal Lal Reservoir supplies drinking water to Ballarat and Geelong. It has a lovely picnic area with pit fire bar- b- ques. You need your own newspaper and matches. Water tap is available. There is a viewing area and information board on the history of the building of the Dam, surrounding area and Indigenous culture.


This attraction is very historic and is believed to be the only Blast Furnace of its type and age {1890’s} still standing in the world – it is in excellent condition.

It was used to smelt iron ore from the local nearby quarry and was then made into ingots and transported to various cities and towns to be made into functional and decorative items. The gates and fence of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Ballarat are made out of iron ore from this Lal Lal area.

There is a short boardwalk with great informational plaques describing the workings of the quarry and the Blast Furnace. Enjoy a picnic or bar-b-que at the picnic area when you have finished looking at the Reservoir and the Blast Furnace.

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