A : Mullawallah Wetlands (Winter Swamp)


Hours: 24hrs
Address: Lucas Lane,Cardigan Victoria 3352, Australia
Mullawallah Wetlands Entrance Image by Carol Hall
Aerial view of Mullawallah Wetlands Image supplied by Jamie Walhouse
Boardwalk Image supplied by Carol Hall
Boardwalk View Image supplied by Carol Hall
Gum Reflections at Mullawallah Image supplied by Carol Hall
Duck and Ducklings Image by Steve Demeye
Reeds No 1 Image by Steve Demeye
Reeds No 2  Image by Steve Demeye
Sunrise over Mullawallah Wetlands Image by Steve Demeye

Winter Swamp, recently renamed Mullawallah Wetland, is an ephemeral wetland which has been revegetated to improve its natural habitat.

The 30 ha swamp was grazed as part of Ballarat Common until 1981. Work began to restore the habitat by planting trees and creating islands. Wattles are now regenerating from seed. A causeway, leading to a viewing area near the islands, has been planted with a dense screen of tea-tree and paperbark. Lignum has been transplanted from similar volcanic plains swamps.

Black Swans, White Ibis and Silver Gulls nest on the islands. Ducks, Spoonbills, Herons and Cormorants use the open water while Black-fronted and Red-kneed Dotterels use the muddy edges. Superb Fairy Wrens can be found in the causeway thickets and Lowland Copperhead snakes can occur here. Occasionally Brolgas will roost around the perimeter, sometimes flying into Lake Wendouree to feed.

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