Old Man Dreaming - 2nd Place Lorraine
Three Faces Of Eve - 1st Place Lorraine Lees
Large Prints Landscape Seascape
Dawns First Rays - 3rd Place Kerrie Purcell
Otway Eainforest - Highly Commended Jill Wharton
Morning Glory - 2nd Place Judy Johnson
Golden Glow - 1st Place Jill Wharton
Large Prints Nature
Ground Thrush And Grub - 1st Place Betty Bibby - Winner Of Bon Strange Memorial Trophy
Ichneuman Wasp - 2nd Place Lorraine Lees
Duck Orchid - 3rd Place Kerrie Purcell
Orthreturn Female - Highly Commended Brian Hillman
Smewth Action - Highly Commended Brian Hillman
Large Prints Open
Menindee Shearing Shed - 1st Place Kerrie Purcell -  Herb Richmond Memorial/Print of the Year.
Old Whale Boat, Spitsbergen - 2nd Place Carol Hall
Gibbon - 3rd Place Lorraine Lees
Harry and Larry - Highly Commended Lorraine Lees
I Love You Mummy - Highly Commended Kate Both
Large Prints People Portrait
Look What Came Out Of A Bottle - 1st Place Hugh Lees
Red Mong - 2nd Place Lorraine Harvey
Toes, Yours And Mine - 1st Place Betty Bibby
Inside The Woolshed - 2nd Place Trevor Bibby
Hold On Tight My Love - 3rd Place Betty Bibby
Seen Better Days - Highly Commended Trevor Bibby
Silverton VW - Highly Commended Betty Bibby
Goanna - 1st Place David Grigg - Winner of the Roger Purcell Memorial Trophy
Yellow Canoe - 2nd Place Judy Johnson
Banff Landscape - 3rd Place David Grigg
Parachute Team No 2 - Highly Commended David Grigg
Small Prints Landscape Seascape
Pastoral Morning - 1st Place Kerrie Purcell
After Sunset Glow - 2nd Place Kerrie Purcell
Small Prints Nature
Hanging On - 1st Place Kerrie Purcell
Sawflys - 2nd Place Kerrie Purcell
Bee&#quote;s Eye View - 3rd Place Lorraine Lees
Blue Winged Kookaburra - Highly Commended Jill Wharton
Double Barred Finch - Highly Commended Jill Wharton
Small Prints Open
Ghan Old Rail Siding - 1st Place Glenice Lofts
Mandrill - 2nd Place Lorraine Lees
Looking In - 3rd Place Hugh Lees
Tobler - Highly Commended Daryl Pipkorn
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