Introduction of the “Syllabus Companion 
Last year the syllabus committee recommended that additional information be provided to members regarding the correct interpretation of set subject definitions. This was in response to an at times lack lustre response by members to submit entries and to reduce or ideally avoid entries being judged as non-acceptances. A new document titled the “Syllabus Companion” (attached) has been developed which addresses each set subject month by month and provides additional information for consideration when entering an image into the set subject category.
The current Syllabus Companion covers all competition months for this calendar year and will be extended to cover the remaining months covered by the syllabus. It should be noted that the set subject additional information will also be made available to judges to ensure consistency of interpretation. This information will also be included month by month in the Flare.

Download your copy of the BCC 2018 -19 Syllabus Companion. here BCC Syllabus 2018 -2019 Companion

Download your copy of the REVISED 2019-2020 Syllabus here BCC Syllabus 2019 -2020 Revised

Download your copy of the Gender Battle Instructions here Gender Battle Instructions


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